General Tours

In addition to school groups, there are many requests from organisations requiring Aboriginal cultural education. Warren conducts visits to the Baiame Cave for teachers as part of teacher professional development – from trainee teachers to school leaders.

This program has also been extended to take small groups – up to four people – to other sites in the area to view engravings, cave sites, and axe groove sites.

The primary objective of these visits is to provide cultural awareness of the richness of Aboriginal spiritual belief and connection to country that is fundamental to inter-cultural understanding.

It is important to provide a cultural experience based on local knowledge through elders. Learning from being ‘on country’ provides the opportunity for an immersive experience, to be ‘on site’ and learn about culture from an elder custodian.  To ‘carry culture forward’ is critical in collaboration with community leaders, in this case a Wonnarua elder and custodian, a knowledge holder.

This program is also available on request to other groups: AECGs, land council members, Aboriginal people from other regions, university groups, Aboriginal students from other institutions including TAFE and research groups. These groups are composed of people from many different stages in their lives – young people in a time of growth and awareness during tertiary education to elderly Aboriginal people seeking to re-connect to their own culture. Warren is able to use his discretion in regard to the suitability of groups.