Educational Tours

Warren delivers an extensive education program for children of all ages—including pre-school, primary and secondary – at the Baiame Cave site including the art traditions and cultural stories of the area.

The Baiame Cave site is a heritage-listed Aboriginal site of national significance.  The program is designed for pre-school, primary and high school students. The visit takes about 3 hours.

The program aims to provide:

  • Knowledge of the site, including painted imagery and techniques
  • Cultural significance, including the Aboriginal stories related to the site and region
  • Awareness of preservation issues and protection of this site and others in the Yengo NP and surrounding Wonnarua Country
  • A fun day for the kids and their teachers in the bush, talking and learning about Aboriginal culture from a custodian and knowledge holder

The most important aspect of the program is its inclusivity of all Australians in the understanding of Aboriginal heritage into the future.

School groups meet at the site and Warren gives his ‘Welcome to Country’ and introduction to the cave. Warren will explain about the images in the cave: hand and weapon stencils, animal drawings and the large central figure of Baiame with outstretched arms. He will talk about the story of Baiame, the spiritual father and creation figure, along with other Aboriginal stories from the region, depending on the age group. He will discuss about how the drawings and stencils were made, materials and techniques used, and the issues related to protection and preservation.

The groups spend some time in the bush by walking to a smaller cave close by, giving the opportunity for questions about Aboriginal culture and life before colonialisation. Students learn about Aboriginal traditions while in a bush setting.

For more info on Warren’s Schools Program and to make a booking, download the program pdf by clicking on the link below.